White Papers

MPLS -TP: The ideal fit for Railway Networks

Building End-to-End Networks using Tejas Ethernet Switches

Ethernet Switching: Key to scalable Smart City architecture

Ethernet Switching: Key to resilient video surveillance architecture

Latest News & Updates

Scaled execution with profitability marks a strong Q4 24 for Tejas - Q4 24 revenue at Rs. 1,327 crore (YoY 343%), FY 24 revenue at Rs. 2,471 crore (YoY 168%) Q4 24 Net Profit of Rs. 147 crore and FY 24 Net Profit of Rs. 63 crore

Tejas Networks receives design-linked PLI incentives for FY23

Ramped up shipments and enhanced R&D investments mark a strong Q3 for Tejas - Q3 24 revenue was Rs. 560 crore (YoY 104%) and 9M 24 revenue was Rs. 1,144 crore (YoY 84%) Q3 24 Net Loss was Rs. 44.9 crore and 9M 24 Net loss was Rs. 83.8 crore

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