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The TJ1600 Micro-OTN is a power house in a small form factor, designed for wholesale services, enterprises and service providers where the bandwidth and latency requirements have continued to drive fiber deployments deeper into the network. With DWDM available for all high speed interfaces, the TJ1600 Micro-OTN can optimize fiber utilization using the latest technology for reliable transport. Tejas’ Software-defined hardware allows for easy upgrades through software for features that may require hardware upgrades for other vendor’s products.

TJ1600 Micro-OTN platform with its integrated fabric has a unique architecture that allows it to provide a minimal footprint and low power while integrating both OTN switching and DWDM transport. This flexibility creates a unique opportunity for network designs by allowing every service to be optimized based upon the service requirements. In addition, TJ1600 Micro-OTN reduces operations costs by having a single platform for all services requirements preventing the need for multiple devices at any site.

Compact OTN/DWDM platform

Fabric-less OTN Matrix upto 400G

Up to 1.2 Transport capacity

High Capacity: 10G-600G Per lambda

Maximize Access Fiber utilization with single fiber transport

Supports GE, SDH, SONET, OTN, FC clients


Versatile & Cost-effective Network Design

Unified Service Delivery

Innovative Applications

Micro OTN

Sub Lambda (λ) grooming using OTN

Router Bypass & Capacity Enhancement of Router Networks

Traffic not destined for an IP Router bypassed at the OTN layer

Single Fiber Solution

Maximize Access Fiber Utilization

Alien Wave

Upgrade existing 10G/100G DWDM Network to 100G/200G+

Success Story: Cost-effective “pay as you grow” Micro-OTN solution
for a leading global provider of ICT services

A massive surge in data traffic has accelerated bandwidth requirements for enterprise clients. In a tough market, with cut-throat competition from other Telecom services providers, a solution which minimizes capex spend for a 10G to 100G upgrade with the ability to "pay as you grow" was the requirement.

Read how the TJ1600 Micro-OTN fit the bill perfectly as a small form factor and scalable solution which could easily be added to the existing network.

End-to-End Portfolio: From Access to Core

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