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TDM is a conundrum that network operators and enterprises are continually grappling with. High failure rate, high power requirement, bulky equipment, high cost of spares with no perceivable roadmap and operational complexity are increasing the pressure to evolve the network from TDM to packet. The ability to migrate the network transport of TDM services to packet while still maintaining a TDM handoff provides for a smooth, inexpensive, and non-disruptive transition. It allows end customer equipment to stay intact and TDM quality SLAs to be maintained. Tejas enables this migration to packet transport for TDM services, using circuit emulation, with state of the art, future ready packet optical transport products. The Tejas Ultra Converged broadband access platform provides TDM services through circuit emulation, MEF compliant carrier ethernet services/active ethernet, as well as PON services allowing service providers to standardize on a single product for all of their service delivery needs.

Need for Migrating Legacy Services

  • High Cost of Support

    Available spares are expensive with no clear evolution path

  • End of Life

    Deployed TDM equipment is in the End-of-Support stage or has been
    declared End-of-Life with no replacement available

  • High Opex

    Increased spend on power and cooling due to ageing TDM infrastructure


Circuit Emulation Services

Software-Defined Hardware

Tejas utilizes Software-Defined Hardware technology to implement circuit emulation, which enables the hardware to be enhanced through software even after it is deployed. This extends the life of the hardware and allows evolution of the Tejas hardware platforms via software for features that other equipment providers may require new hardware for. This technology also helps replace legacy off-the-shelf TDM chips that have no guaranteed evolution or life span with our own technology so that we have control over the life of our products.

Circuit Emulation

Transition DACS, ADM, and MSPP services to a packet network. Tejas products allow the migration of TDM services to a packet network while still maintaining TDM endpoints, TDM SLAs, and TDM grooming. We support a wide range of legacy TDM interfaces including E1/DS1, E3/DS3, STM1/4/16/64 and OC-3/12/48/192 circuits.

Network Evolution to Packet

Achieve 50%-80% space and energy savings by replacing aging SONET/SDH products with integrated next-gen Converged Packet Optical platforms

Network Modernization at the Core
  • DACS Replacement
  • Core SONET/SDH Replacement
  • Pure Packet Product
  • 7 RU, 480G – 1Tbs
  • Up to 16 cards of DS1/DS3/OC-N
SONET/SDH Aggregation Replacement
  • OC-192 Replacement
  • OC-3 / 12 / 48 Replacement
  • Native TDM/Packet Product, Transmuxing Capability
  • 2 RU, 64G
  • Up to 5 cards of DS1/DS3, Up to 4 cards of OC-N
TDM/CPE Backhaul Modernization
  • OC-3 / 12 / 48 Replacement
  • 2 RU, 64G
  • Up to 5 cards of DS1/DS3, Up to 4 cards of OC-N
  • 1 RU, 64G
  • 16 DS1, 4 x OC-3 (up to 63 DS1)

Total control, visibility and ability to configure, operate and monitor the network using a Centralized NMS

Migration from TDM to Packet

Versatile Future-Ready Solutions

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