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Global network traffic continues to soar due to growing data and video consumption for work, learning and entertainment. The Covid-19 crisis has triggered an unprecedented change in network usage patterns and peak traffic levels forcing service providers to quickly adapt by upgrading bandwidth in their metro networks using 100G/100G+ DWDM transmission technologies. With network traffic up by almost 40% in many geographies and increasing demand for new broadband installations, service providers have to cost-effectively scale-up their existing infrastructure.

Tejas’ Versatile Optical Transport Solutions Support:

  • Triple Play Services
  • Metro Aggregation
  • Wireless Backhaul
  • Regional, Metro, and Long Haul DWDM
  • OTN Switching and Aggregation
  • Wholesale Services

Maximize Network Efficiency Using OTN and 100G-600G High-performance Optics

Allan Phillips, Group Director, SALES

Alien Wavelength Solutions

Tejas offers robust, proven and cost-effective products to launch alien-channels over a third-party transport system. This provides a seamless integration of 100G+ on a third party 10G DWDM network without guard bands and with no impact to existing services. The same platform is capable of hosting DWDM services and OTN switching. This platform can also transport SONET/SDH, Ethernet, OTN and Fibre Channel services. Tejas Networks’ Management System gives end users total control of, visibility of and the ability to configure, operate and monitor the alien-waves end to end.

Reduce Capital and Operation Costs with Router Bypass

OTN provides sub lambda grooming through an OTN cross-connect , which bypasses the traffic that is not destined for an IP Router. On a cost per Gbps of switching capacity, routers tend to be much more expensive than OTN fabrics. Many time-critical applications require simple and effective transport of client traffic with the lowest possible latency. In such cases, it is particularly advantageous to use OTN. Also, OTN fabrics consume less power compared to routing fabrics.

High Capacity Packet Optical and
OTN Switching Product

Versatile Compact Platform

10G to 600G per wave

1.2T Transport capacity

400G Integrated OTN Cross Connect

Supports GE, SDH, SONET, OTN, FC clients

Single Fiber 10G/100G

Multi-degree Flex, Colorless,
Directionless ROADM and Amplifiers

Versatile OTN Platform

10G to 600G per wave

900G OTN Cross Connect

Supports GE, SDH, SONET, OTN, FC clients

Multi-degree Flex, Colorless,
Directionless ROADM and Amplifiers

96 Channels DWDM, Extended C-Band Support

Any Line card in Any Slot in Any platform

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