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Enterprise Connectivity Services are growing at an exponential pace. Large enterprises require a high level of service quality and connectivity. Global network traffic continues to soar with massive surge traffic between home to office network, corporate network to a branch office network, corporate network to cloud and cloud to cloud. Covid-19 related disruptions have further accelerated this trend. It will also accelerate the need for more stringent SLAs and bandwidth guarantees.

Tejas offers a host of next-gen products that deliver the services needed to address this bandwidth surge. Technologies like CE2.0/CE3.0 and OTN will also help to address the connectivity, latency, and SLA needs. Using software defined hardware and our "Pay as you grow" architecture, Tejas also helps to accelerate revenues and improve service margins.

Tejas Premium Enterprise Services Technologies


  • Carrier Ethernet / MPLS-TP

  • Committed/Excess (CIR/EIR) Information Rates per Service

  • Guaranteed latency, jitter and packet loss

  • Rich OAM & Performance Tools


  • OTN for low latency, efficient bandwidth utilization, and economical grooming of services

  • Scalable to 600G per wavelength with versatile client technology support

  • ODUflex/1.25Gbps granular OTN switching

  • Ultra-low Latency and Low Power


Beyond Broadband: Premium Connectivity Services for Enterprises

Mr. Somnath Ojha, Group Director, Packet Technology Strategy, Tejas Networks

Premium Business VPN over PTN/OTN

Statistically multiplexed IP/MPLS rings offer limited scalability. Beyond 10GE,it burns additional fiber with expensive router ports and high power consumption. Using CE 2.0/3.0 over PTN/OTN provides increased bandwidth efficiency, lower latency, reduced capex and lower power consumption

Premium SLA and Secure DCI

High capacity DCI to DCI transport with bulk or sub-wavelength encryption. Scalable multi-terabit OTN cross-connect to aggregate ethernet traffic from multiple datacenters, dynamically adapt inter data center capacity, bypass routers where they are not needed, and provide for low latency OTN transport.

Tejas Premium Enterprise Services Products

Seamlessly add capacity in Access, Edge and Core


100Gbps Packet/OTN rings
on 1U platforms


High-capacity Packet and OTN
grooming solutions


Multi-terabit OTN/DWDM products
Scales to 600Gbps per wavelength

Network Architecture

Whitepapers and Case Studies

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OTN in Access Networks
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