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Panatone Finvest Limited (a subsidiary of Tata Sons Private Limited) acquires a majority stake in Tejas Networks    |   Tejas Networks to acquire Saankhya Labs (P) Ltd. to enhance its wireless products offering



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  Broadband Access

With increased demand for work-from-home driving the need for increased and symmetric bandwidth, there is an urgent need for fast and cost-effective rollout of broadband networks across the world.

  Premium Enterprise Connectivity

Enterprise Connectivity Services are growing at an exponential pace. Large enterprises require a a high level of service quality and availability.

  Metro & Regional Networks

Increasing network traffic and burgeoning demand for new broadband installations is propelling rapid transformations of the regional and metropolitan networks.

  Wholesale Bandwidth, DCI

Building scalable and cost effective services for wholesale service providers and datacenters to accommodate the rapid increase in capacity and demand.

  Critical Infrastructure Networks

There are challenges with increased network traffic and reliability this past year, and also challenges in global supply chain ecosystems driven by semi-conductor shortages, increased lead-times, costs and product availability.

  5G Mobile Backhaul

Building scalable, reliable and high-performance optical network for cost-efficient transport of data, voice and video traffic from mobile base stations to the nearest traffic switching center.

Press Release

Tejas Networks Announces Acquisition of Saankhya Labs (P) Ltd. To Enhance its Wireless Products Offering


Packet and Optical Networking Technologies for 5G and Beyond

Case Study

Tejas Networks cost-effectively upgrades the access backhaul infrastructure of a US based regional Carrier

Case Study

Leading Mexican Telco upgrades capacity on long haul and metro networks

Case Study

Upgrade of a 911 Emergency Response System to a high capacity optical backbone network

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Regional sales office
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